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August 31, 2016

Importance of GHS Safety Data Sheets

Today there is action to change the standards when it comes to classifying and labeling used in different countries by using the same criteria on a global level. It should be internationally agreed-upon system to foster consistency, regularity, and harmony. What came out from this was the global harmonized system of classification and labeling of chemicals or GHS. The GHS was designed to take over the labeling already in place at present. They are used as a source of info about hazards of all types including environmental hazards. This can also be used to get information about safety precautions.

The role of safety data sheet or SDS is to provide comprehensive information pertaining to a substance of a mixture that one can use in the workplace. This is also a source of information useful for employers to be able to come up with measures for the protection and training of their workers and measures for the protection of the environment as well. Ways of transporting dangerous good are also included and how to control or respond to an outbreak should it occur.

Employers who want to get deeper can get their minimum information using SDS.
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It will give you an identification of the substance and the mixture of the supplier. You should check that the manufacturer and the identification of the supplier should be consistent or adopting the GHS standards.
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Hazard symbols are posted in graphical figures as precautionary statements like the flame symbol and the skull and cross bones symbol.

It is not only the graphical figures that are being used, they also provide the common names or synonyms of the chemical for everyone’s information. Impurities and stabilizing additives are also provided.

It will guide you to develop a fire-fighting measure or endorse the suitable extinguishing media to choke the fire instead of combusting it further.

It informs you what personal precautionary measures to take like protective equipment to use and the sequence to adopt during an emergency procedure.

You also get information on environmental precautions which includes the materials and methods for containment and cleanup.

Information is also given on how chemicals should be stored and what kind of chemical reactions can start a flame or cause an explosion.

There are also give exposure limits so that you will not inhale too much dangerous gas and they also recommend protective equipment. What these limits include are the odor threshold that humans can take, evaporation rate, relative density, viscosity and other physical and chemical properties.

SDS data sheet or MSDS or material safety data sheet, has helped a lot is preventing the hazards of chemicals and its sue.

What Do You Know About Diving

August 30, 2016

Some Reasons to Give Snorkeling a Try Snorkeling permits you to see more of the shallow waters, as well as, its creatures while you relax and enjoy. It is a bit similar to scuba diving with the tiny difference that it does not require lots of equipment and/or training. It is also quite easy and safe to do because it usually only involves shallow waters. From the first time you get a taste of it, you will find how relaxing and enjoyable it can be. You will only need a few things when snorkeling. You will need a snorkel so that you can breathe while submerged underwater. This refers to the L or J-shaped tube that is fitted with a mouthpiece in its lower end. It is usually made of plastic or rubber. A diving mask is also essential equipment for snorkeling because it lets you see clearly underwater. You can choose a number of styles, shapes and materials for your diving mask but you may wish to check out why rubber and silicone masks are mostly preferred. Apart from diving masks and snorkels, you also need fins and snorkeling vests. Without the fins, it can be tough for you to move around or through the water. The vest is usually required especially for children and those who are not yet confident swimmers. The vest makes it easier for you to stay afloat while in the water, especially if you feel tired already. You also have the option to wear wetsuits or rash guards to protect you from the sun or from accidental contact with marine creatures. With the overwhelming choices of snorkeling gears and/or equipment, you may have hard time deciding which ones will suit you best. You simply have to keep in mind that the most expensive equipment is not necessarily the best option to purchase. If you can make your own research online or in person, you may come across the best options that will match your needs. Look for something comfortable. You should wear something comfortable so as to fully enjoy the experience. It should fit you just right so that it isn’t too tight or too loose. Also take note of its construction so that you can assured that its material will not make you uncomfortable. A lot of people prefer durable materials in their snorkeling equipment. It would also help if you can make a comparison based on the item’s features, benefits and prices. You are guaranteed to have an unforgettable snorkeling experience if you have the right equipment with you.
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What makes snorkeling interesting is the fact that it does not require you to have a particular skill and/or experience. It is easy to do and safe, too. Hence, even children can enjoy it at a young age. Seeing underwater life keeps you relaxed. While submerged underwater, you can even take photos. Snorkeling has its own way of calming your mind and body. You will seem as if meditating underwater. If you find the time, try snorkeling and make the most out of the experience.Doing Equipment The Right Way